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Creative Learning Through Art Process

 (TAP Program)

Everyone is an artist! Nothing is Impossible!

Anything you can name, anything you can create! Come join us to discover your hidden talents & express yourself through art!


You will also find this exciting opportunity to interact with other teachers and parents from different schools too. 




教育機関/企業向けのセミナーは2時間より体験して頂けます。どうぞお気軽にお問い合わせください 。各研修/ワークショップの内容について、ご相談に応じえて、2時間より承ります。ご希望の学校/教育機関、グループは、ご遠慮なくお問い合わせください。

Please feel free to contact us for detailed curriculum and tailor made training program from 2 hours. Creative Learning Through Art Process (TAP Program) is designed in TEN categories to fit the need of your school and targeted age group.

  • ART de ABC アートでABC


  • ART de Hiragana アートでひながな


Learning Japanese Hiranaga and simple Kanji can be a lot of fun! This program is contented a series of craft projects and lesson plans to enhance young learning's interest in literacy and Japanese culture.

  • Paint, Create and Play with Marker & Crayon 絵の具、マジック、クレヨンで遊ぼう

マジックやクレヨンの様々な使い方を学びます。色塗りをしたり、線を書く以外にも楽しい使い方がいっぱい。子どもたちがいつも使っているマ ジックやクレヨンもちょっとした使い方でできることがたくさん!

Explore and create from a wide range of usage of marker and crayon. Almost every classroom, every kid owns a box of crayon and few markers! Wonder what to do with these a MUST art tools besides color and how to apply them to your classroom?

  • Color - Color - Color 色、色、色!

色彩環、配色、パターンつくり。さて、どのように子どもたちに「色」のマジックを伝えていますか?クラス・家庭ですぐに使えるアイディア満 載です!

How to bring color wheel, color combination and create pattern papers to your classroom! Get some ideas and inspiration on how to enjoy and share art with small children with colors.

  • Meet the Artist from the World

子どもたちだって、知りたい有名なアーティストたち。「どんな人?」「何を使って、この絵を描いたの?」「マネできるかな?」お話やクラフト を通して、子どもたちの探究心を養いましょう!

How to introduce well-known artists to yound children and bring their art to your classroom through story telling, craft, show and tell!

  • Drawing with Line, Dots, Shape Family

描く基本をどのように教えていますか?「どんな線があるの?」「形ってどう作ればいいの?」「点を結ぶとどうなるの?」クラス・家庭ですぐに 使えるアイディア満載です!

An introductory session of drawing foundation, bringing a dynamic ideas to teach young children how to recognize, draw and create abstract drawing.

  • Mixed Media Fun


Explore and create from a wide range of art supplies and everyday materials from your kitchen, like baking powder, flour, egg, coffee, gelatin, onion, soda water etc…

  • Story Telling on Fabric Canvas


Introducing Japanese traditional story through art!

  • Paint Party

RBRにきたら、みんながアーティスト!アートは創る工程にこそ、そのおもしろさと価値があります。ぜひこの無料のイベントにご参加くださ い!

Feel the flow, paint with the flow!
This 1-day drop-in style※ workshop provides you a totally free and social painting experience!! It is true that art is a SKILL that must be taught but here at RBR-ish training session, we believe EVERYONE IS AN ARTIST, we emphasize the importance of process and experience!

※Participants are free to drop-in and leave anytime within a specified time slot.