Last updated 04.2016

Joei Lau is a Designer, Art Educator, and a creative entrepreneur. 


Born in Hong Kong, based in Tokyo since 1995. 


Joei's works are truly filed with vibrant enthusiasm. The fresh mix of colours and beautifully hand written calligraphy are unmistakably recognisable signature of Joei's Art. She blogs, mixed media with an amazingly energetic and passionate heart. The simple appreciation in every little aspect of  life and nature is what keeps Joei to be so inspired every beautiful day, crafting them into  breathtaking Art Journal.


After studying graphic and communication design in Musashino Art University, Joei continuously pursued her M.Ed. in leadership of educational organizations in American InterContinental University. But to most of people's surprise, prior to her art study, she was also a graduate from economic and Japanese as second foreign language. 


Her passionated personality guided herself to a totally different and creative career path in her late 20s.

Having started to work as a professional artist and art director at her own gallery and studio since 2003, Joei has attained excellent reputation from both local and worldwide commercial/educational institutions in the past ten years. Some of her gorgeous artworks and journals can be found in several publications, Moleskine and it's worldwide traveling project Lettera27, London Book Fair, Prima Marketing Inc. and many more.  


Besides of Joei's own creation, currently most of her time is spent in book & wedding design, preschool curriculum/program design, publication of art and bilingual education for international preschools and Japanese kindergartens.

Joei also serves as:


Joei's publication/contribution includes: 

  • 1000 Artists Journal Pages in 2009

  • クリエイティブ脳を鍛える魔法の色彩レッスン in 2009

  • Idea Books from Prima Marketing Inc. in 2010

  • Moleskineモレスキン人生を入れる61の使い方in 2010

  • Six books in series of English and Art for Japanese Early Childhood Educators 保育英語検定1級から5級テキスト(全級6冊) in 2012

  • A World of Artist Journal Pages in 2015

  • Molesineモレスキンのある素敵な毎日 in 2016